UnitedHealth Group is a great place to finish your career

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UnitedHealth Group is a great place to finish your career

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Learn from two of our seasoned professionals why UnitedHealth Group is a great place to consider when you are thinking about the final years in your career.

Featuring Guest Bloggers Dr. Thomas A. Hamlin, Senior Behavioral Medical Director, Optum, a UnitedHealth Group company and Dr. Amin Hakim, Vice President, Commercial Business, UnitedHealthcare Clinical Services

As an experienced professional, what made you choose UnitedHealth Group as an employer of choice?

Hamlin: My last position required a lot of travel; I had been traveling for 15 years and that grew tiresome. I was familiar with UnitedHealth Group because they attempted to recruit me earlier in my career. Over the years, I had built a great relationship with UnitedHealth Group’s recruiting department. One week into my 3 month sabbatical, I was offered a job as an Associate Medical Director. I accepted the position and now have been working with the company for 7 years and even enjoyed a promotion. I feel that joining UnitedHealth Group  is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am proud to be a part of a company that fosters a corporate culture that begins with “assume positive intent.” The United Health Group culture has helped me grow in ways I never thought I would. I have been fortunate to even be a part of a three week Physician Leadership Development Position (PLDP).  I would encourage everyone who is interested, regardless of age or experience, to proceed with the interview process and talk to us.

Hakim: UnitedHealth Group offered several opportunities where I could apply my experience in health care business management, from quality improvement and care management in its various forms to evidence-based utilization management. The focus on UnitedHealth Group’s culture values and principles resonated with my own ones, and the development modules and programs strengthened my effectiveness. The training and other educational programs are available in various formats and cover a broad range of business, health care and relationship topics. The attention to employee satisfaction and development is integral to what we do and is woven into the fabric of our daily work. Additionally, the opportunities to make an impact and to engage with colleagues in other areas in support of their efforts grew my experience and knowledge.

What are some tools and resources that aided you in your hiring process?

Hamlin: Great recruiters! They walked me through the online process. They helped me become system literate. They were there to answer any questions and to assist me in negotiations.

How have you grown in your career at UnitedHealth Group?

Hakim: I came to UnitedHealthcare with 15 years of experience in managed care with a large regional player. Working at UnitedHealthcare gave me the opportunity to learn how business is run on a national scale. I started as a Senior Medical Director with a relatively narrow set of responsibilities and oversight of a small group of medical directors. Over time, the scope of my work expanded significantly, and my group and the team it belongs to grew with it, leading to my promotion from a Senior Medical Director to VP.

What makes UnitedHealth Group a top place to finish your career?

Hamlin: The stability of a great company that continues to grow and does this by focusing on our customers: members, employers, and other UnitedHealth Group divisions. We truly value our members living healthier lives. Additionally, I have the best boss I have ever had in my life. He is supportive, and provides guidance that really meets the needs of the moment.

Hakim: UnitedHealth Group is a large organization with many opportunities to experience the different facets of its business. If one is adaptable to the changes inherent to the business of health care, and is willing to pursue new opportunities, it can offer a rewarding career path.

Describe how you have been able to bring your passion to work.

Hakim: I am passionate about quality, efficiency and innovation, which is reflected in the way we serve our members and other constituents. That means that we are able to ensure a higher quality, better experience. Working at UnitedHealthcare gave me the opportunity to do so through a number of projects that enhanced each of these focus areas incrementally from year to year. My passion for quality and efficiency also translated into a focus on our team members, their training and development, and furthering our culture values. I had the opportunity to influence innovation leading to enterprise awards for team members. It has been a satisfying experience to be able to contribute in many areas in support of the organization’s quality and growth.

What is your best piece of advice for someone who is 50+ and looking to join UHG?

Hamlin: Search the website for positions and reach out to any colleagues who might work for our organization. 

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