Carl A.

Carl A. | Golf Enthusiast & Medical Director

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Consistency. Risks. Goals. Patience. They're all part of the golf game, the same way they're all in a day's work for Carl. You have to be focused, consistent, and able to take risks from time to time. These are just some of the lessons Carl imparts to the people on his team as well as his own children. He also believes you have to be able to get better at what you do, every single day. Carl's just one of the people at UnitedHealth Group working to transform health care for people around the world. He's helping all of us get better at what we do, every day — and we think that means he's exactly where he's supposed to be.

"You have to be consistent in golf or your score’s gonna suffer. Work is the same way – you gotta be consistent. But whether I'm out playing golf, or with my family or working, the main thing is to have fun."



How do you describe your job to family and friends?

I'm an advocate for patients, for my providers and my team.

What are some of the greatest challenges you need to take on in order to be successful in your role? 

The greatest challenge I face is the need to be consistent and take risks at the same time. Sometimes we get very comfortable in what we're doing, but we have to be able to look outside of the box.

When you’re facing those challenges, what are some of your personal strengths and abilities that come into play? 

The personal strengths that help me face those challenges are my ability to be patient, trustworthy, and remain focused. It's important to be humble and trustworthy when you're dealing with people.

What are the elements of your job you love?

I love being with people and helping develop individuals as part of the company's bench. I truly believe in succession planning because we have a lot of talented people in our group, getting called to the national level in other places. I want to have the next person in line, ready to go, so we don't miss a beat.

How do those same elements show up in the passions and interests you pursue outside of work?

When I look at golf, and being a parent, as well as my position at UnitedHealth Group, I see a lot of similarities. You have to be focused, consistent, and able to develop relationships and a strategic plan. You also have to be able to take risks from time to time. I tell my kids that if they can develop and maintain these skills, they'll do well wherever they go.

How have you grown at UnitedHealth Group?

Over the years, I've been very fortunate to have people look at me as their "next-in-line" person, and allow me to develop under their guidance. That's why I think it's so important for me to do the same thing for others in our group. UnitedHealth Group won't give up on you – if you're willing to do it and show you want to succeed, they'll find a way for you.

What’s the most important thing someone should know before joining our company?

This is a metrics-driven company. You have to understand that we look at success by setting goals, achieving goals and moving on to other projects. You need to be willing to work that way.

What do you like more—luxury hotel or cabin?  Why?

A cabin, because it's peaceful to sit there looking at the lake and collecting my thoughts.

What is your favorite food? 

All foods. My favorite is all foods, because my wife really broadened my horizons with food.

What do few people know about you that they would be surprised to learn?

I'm afraid of lightning and snakes.

What are you most grateful for?

My family. My wife for over 30 years, my mother in law, my mother, my kids. I cherish my family most.