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To some people, it might look like a dusty used bookstore. But to Leticia, it's a treasury of human connection. She can spend literally hours exploring the stacks of items, and every single book represents a shared human experience. Then again, you could also say that Leticia specializes in the most human experience of all because she's an OB/GYN. Her favorite part of the job is delivering babies because the only people in the room are family and at that moment, she becomes family, too. Serving her patients throughout their lifetimes is a gift as well as a privilege, and it allows her to follow their stories with every curve of the plot and character development. Just like the bookstores she loves exploring and the narratives that she dives into with every book, she treasures the human connections that make her job so rewarding. And in her role with UnitedHealth Group, she's eager to see what chapter comes next. 

"Reading teaches you patience because you have to wait and discover what the plot is telling you. As an OB/GYN, I'm also working to discover the stories of my patients."


Leticia C
Leticia C
Leticia C
How do you describe your job to family and friends?
As an OB/GYN, my field is really diverse. We cover women's reproductive health from preteens and teenagers all the way to grandmothers in their eighties. That means I help people who are trying to start families, or women having issues with their reproductive tract.

What are the elements of your job you love?
I love being able to see women throughout their lifetimes, and I love delivering babies. You're the only one there except for the family, and you become part of the family during that time. There's nothing like it.

What are some of the greatest challenges you need to take on in order to be successful in your role?  
Everybody has their own narrative that dictates their thoughts and beliefs in terms of health care and when they seek help, and as an OB/GYN I have to understand and appreciate all the differences.

When you’re facing those challenges, what are some of your personal strengths and abilities that come into play?  
My strengths include patience and an appreciation for different stories. I'm also good at listening to people, because sometimes there's a little bit of investigating and discovering what people don't want to tell you.

How do those same elements show up in the passions and interests you pursue outside of work?
Books are another way of exploring someone else's perspectives and experiences, and reading gives me a diverse set of experiences that allows me to connect with my patients. It also teaches you patience because you have to wait and discover what the plot is telling you.

How have you grown at UnitedHealth Group?
I've definitely grown as a Physician because this is my first job out of residency. There's nothing like being out of training and responsible for making your own decisions as a Physician.

What’s the most important thing someone should know before joining our company?
When you join UnitedHealth Group, you'll be very well supported. But you're also part of a large corporation, which means there's a path you need to follow and standards they expect you to meet.

Favorite person, living or dead?
My niece, who's almost seven. It's amazing to watch her grow, because she's so curious and free. She's definitely one of my favorite people.

If you weren’t working at UnitedHealth Group or doing what you do today, what would you be doing?
I'd probably be teaching, because that requires similar skills and creativity to guide people along the way.

Luxury hotel or cabin?
After a long day, definitely the luxury hotel.

What are you most grateful for?

I'm most grateful for people's compassion and patience.