Interviewing Tips

Getting invited to an interview is an achievement in itself. It means that your CV created an overall good impression. Job interviewing never seems to get any easier, but with the proper preparation, your experience can be much less stressful.

Keep in mind we're interviewing you to determine whether you have the skills, attributes and motivation to be successful in the role. Ultimately, you want to convince us that the elements of your background, skills and personality can make a significant contribution to OptumCare's expanding organization.

Here are some interview tips that will help to ensure your interview is successful.

  • Show your strengths – Identify the areas where you can provide your expertise and skills based on where the practice may be lacking. Try not to focus on your credentials from your CV, instead share your achievements and highlight your skills. Be confident in what you have to offer!
  • Ask questions – Think about the information you need most to make a decision about the job and develop questions to help uncover that with your interviewer. Don’t forget to ask about the community and opportunities for your spouse, if applicable.
  • Always speak positively – It is important to never talk negatively about your past experiences, jobs or colleagues.
  • Be punctual and Dress professionally – Dress for success and present yourself as someone they would want to have treat their own family and friends.
  • Be prepared to talk about money – Reserve this topic for the end of your interview. Prepare your questions and save the hard negotiating until a future discussion.