AppleCare Medical Group

About us

AppleCare Medical Group is comprised of hundreds of board-certified private-practice, independent physicians. Collectively, our physicians have been serving the Southeast Los Angeles County and Northern Orange County for decades, providing their medical expertise and passion to improving the health of our communities. Over the last 20 years, our multi-specialty medical group of independent practices has expanded into new communities, contracted with more hospitals and health plans, and added over 50 new doctors.

What sets us apart

AppleCare Medical Group’s 900 physician’s network together to contract with most major health plans to serve Medicare Advantage, Commercial and Medi-Cal members. Patients who select AppleCare Medical Group, have access to their community’s best hospitals and over 40 conveniently located urgent care facilities, treatment centers, and clinics.

Because we want the highest quality medical care, the physicians of AppleCare Medical Group share a common medical philosophy — to put the patient’s needs first and foremost. Our more than 900 community-based primary care and specialist physicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible through our local health clinics. We strive to give selflessly, innovate endlessly, and always collaborate. We take responsibility and demand quality. Above all else, we care about people, their health, and their happiness.

AppleCare providers have a wide range of support services available to navigate health care’s changing landscape while maintaining their independence and autonomy in the delivery of compassionate patient care. Technology and reimbursement are changing in ways that make it difficult for many practitioners to manage and compete. AppleCare supports our independent practices with a variety of tools and opportunities.  

Working here

Working at AppleCare is a way to help sustain the health and prosperity of the community in which you live.  As part of the growing OptumCare network we enjoy a culture that features empowered management, high levels of teamwork and partnership and robust data analytics and evidence based medicine resources; all with the aim of providing the highest quality of care and service.  You'll enjoy opportunities to grow your career and learn from the expanding levels of expertise found throughout OptumCare.