About us

Polyclinic is an independent, physician-led and physician-governed multispecialty medical group, with more than 200 care givers collaborating to serve our patients with high quality, comprehensive care. We deliver care through 12 locations.

What sets us apart

Since our founding in 1917, The Polyclinic has earned a reputation for excellent quality care and we attract top physicians from the leading medical schools and practices across the country. As one of the most prominent physician groups in Seattle with more than 240,000 patients, we hold significant market share in the growing Seattle community. Our approach to patient health is highly personalized and multi-dimensional with primary care and more than 35 specialty services working in close collaboration.

Our Clinical Research team is conducting trials that are open to both established and new Polyclinic patients and include an array of medical disciplines, including allergies and asthma, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, neurology, nephrology, rheumatology and urology.

Working here

The Polyclinic has created a respectful, collegial atmosphere for both patients and employees. Peer-to-peer support is ingrained in the Polyclinic culture and continues as a natural extension of the physician-founded and physician-led organization. We're a family that is big enough to support your career with the resources you need, but small enough to really get to know each other. We are committed to working together and supporting each other.  You'll enjoy opportunities to grow your career and learn from the expanding levels of expertise found throughout OptumCare.